PRIVACY POLICY wants to send you to the 2012 NRA Show!

Attention, culinary students and culinary professionals! How would you like to rub elbows and learn from over 50,000 industry professionals while exploring one of the top cities in the US? Well, is holding a contest where the lucky winner gets an all-expenses-paid trip to the National Restaurant Association Show 2012 in Chicago! Visit our website from February 22, 2012 through March 23rd, 2012, and you can enter for a chance to win. Entering is simple! Read on to find out how to enter and how to win the grand prize.

*How do I enter?
All entries must be completed by March 23, 2012 to be eligible for the grand prize.

Here’s a synopsis of what you need to do:
  1. Read and E-sign our Contest Rules Page.
  2. Send us a photo of you at work.
  3. Provide us with general information such as your name, address, email, etc. No worries, though, your address, email address and phone number will be kept confidential.
  4. Name of the School or Restaurant where you attend or work.
  5. Let us know: Why do you deserve to go to the NRA Show?
CLICK HERE to enter our contest.
Chef Uniforms Contest
*How do I win?
Good question. Here’s how:
  1. We will post your name, your photo, and short essay on our "Contestants" page on Monday, March 26th.
  2. Voters can then click on your profile where they can read up on why you deserve to win the trip to NRA, as well as vote for you to win the prize. So get all your friends, family, co-workers and even strangers to go onto our SITE and vote for you to win the trip! Voting lasts from March 26th 2012 through April 23rd 2012.
    *Only one valid email address per person will be accepted.
  3. The contestant with the most votes at the end will win the trip!
  4. In addition, any participants (excluding the grand prize winner, of course!) who are able to get over 1,000 votes before the end of the voting period will receive a $50 Gift Card!
*Who is Eligible to Participate?
  • This contest is open to individuals residing in the Continental United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older on or before March 25th 2012.
  • This contest is open to any Culinary Students or Culinary Professionals, except those who have won a contest within the past 12 months.
*See Contest Rules and Regulations for more details. is the sole sponsor of the Contest.
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All Rights Reserved
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