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Aimee Bacon

Contestant ID #:147
Name: Aimee Bacon
Doctor's Office: Johnson And Wales University
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Why do I deserve to win the iPad2?
For the past few years, I have been baking primarily for fundraising efforts, mostly for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. In my past six years of being involved with this amazing event, family, friends, and myself have generated over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society. When I was in high school, I would sell hundreds of brownies weekly to donate the money to this cause. I am now a junior in college, with a deep passion for baking and pastry arts. I have so much pride in my career, and feel true happiness in the joy that the art of baking and pastry can bring to special occasions, and how the art can bring people together in celebration. I live for the beauty of baking and pastry arts. There isn't a moment in my day when I'm not thinking about the hundreds of thousands of goods I would like to create that day. I utilize most of my skills at home, running a small baking business, named Aimee's Bakin', where I create custom cakes and baked goods for people around my town who wish to order from me. This helps me practice and utilize my skills, so eventually I can perfect them, and be well-rounded in the industry. My ultimate goal is to open Aimee's Bakin' as an official bakery. This money would help me pay for an abundance of things. As a full time student, I work full-time and pay for my own bills. I am trying to save money for my bakery, and this money would go straight into my savings for that. It would also help ease the cost of goods for the baking I do for fundraising. Because most of my money goes to paying bills, this money would help me get my bakery savings started so I have a solid foundation to build upon.